all b0ut me..!

all b0ut me..!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I Would Like To Do In 5 Years..?

What I Would To Do In 5 Years..??

5 years from now, i'll reach 24 years that time,i wish i'll get what i've ever wanted since i was small until now....i wish, in 5 years from now, i'll graduate with best CGPA....make my family proud of that time, i will further my study abroad....maybe i will meet with my idol that is JAMIE OLIVER and NIGELLA...hehe...insyaallah...i hope that i will work at the best hotel in my dream that time,i will give half of my salary to my parents so that it can reduce my parents burden...i also hope that i can spent my salary for my brothers education....i really wish i can do what i have dream since i was a kid within 5 years...i don't think i can do many things in that 5 years...but i hope i can do much than i thought...

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