all b0ut me..!

all b0ut me..!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

after frustrated to know i was rejected by the polytechnic, i got a letter that my name is wrote on it...I'm so happy to know that i was accepted to further my study at uitm...what makes me became happier is,i can further my study in my first choice course...that is diploma in culinary,i have finished one semester at uitm far so good....I've learn a lot of things that i never know about it...being a culinary arts students is so special for me...last semester I've learn about vegetables cutting,breakfast cookery,poultry,fish,meat,sauces,spaghetti,salad,salad dressings and much more....before studying at uitm,i just like to eat mayonnaise,thousand island sauce and tar tar sauce without think about how to make it...but now,i can make mayonnaise and other sauces by my own....every time i get home during holiday,i'll make and cook something for my family...i want my family feels lucky to have daughter that further study in this course and i don't want my family to regret with what course i have chosen...i'm happy to study here...i've got a chance to be friend with my current friends here...and the newest change that happen to me that really make me,my family and my friends shock after six month i stay here is, 'MY BODY IS GETTING BIGGER and MY WEIGHT IS INCREASE UP TO 10 KG....hahaha...its just my luck...i don't know what will happen to me this second semester....


  1. I put lots of my weight too..Hehehe..I'm sure you can now adapt to the campus life..