all b0ut me..!

all b0ut me..!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I Spend My Holiday

How i spend my holiday..?hurmm...this holiday was started with worst things...i felt so regret when i lie my mother about i'm not going home this you want to know what happen to me...?when i, atul, wany and our friend wait for our bus,suddenly there is one car that accidentally hit the road divider...luckily the driver was fine...after that accident,there's one more bad thing happen to us...our bus that supposed to come at 11.45pm was broken...we wait for 8 hours....we got to ride our bus at 6am...what a tired day...but lastly a get home safely....pheww....hehe...i didn't meant to lie my family...i just want to give a surprise to my mother...lastly, i'm the one who get surprised by my own idea...haha...but its family was so shock when i stand in front of them at that mother was too shock until she almost screaming when she saw me...i didn't do many interesting activity this holiday...i'm just hanging out with my friends at Jusco Bukit Tinggi and helping my mother at home...this holiday is too short for, i don't have any exciting story to tell...hehehe....

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  1. I guess you 'd like to surprise you mother, but it turned up that way. However, it's such a relief when you finally reached your house, am I right?